Hanging Cardinal Ornament

Hand made wooden orament. Cardinal. Entirely hand crafted from delicate carving to detailed painting, and finishing with wax polish. Fairly traded using  sustainable softwood  and non toxic paints. Designed in Canada by Aviologie.

 Length  4.5"

Anna & David create unique birds derived from a meeting between indigenous folk art and western aesthetics. From home on Vancouver Island, surrounded by the sea, mountains and and abundance of birds, they have much to inspire them and offer designs that bring simple yet refined examples of natures greatest inspiration.

They have been working closely with the same three families of carvers  for over 7 years,  drawing on the villages centuries old techniques to realize beautiful products.

Using Albesia and Coffee wood, these fast growing timbers come from sustainable farming practices for continued harvest and regrowth.
*Please note: our bases are intended to look as natural as possible. They are cut raw and left to the elements. Sun, rain and even insects all have a part to play in creating character and may look as natural as if found on the forest floor. There are no hard rules and depending on time and season pieces can have more or less signs of age, but wear elements, insect holes and cracks are entirely natural and reflect our brands intentionally imperfect character. The same goes for painting - we aim capture the essence and are not about technical exactitude this means random and light sanding are part of the look. This is called "distressing" in the business and it varies across our range. Our photos represent the birds very accurately but be aware these are individually made by hand and not cast resin replicas. (By law everything is also cleaned and treated, so natural but no dirt or bugs! )

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